Frequently Asked Questions About My Favorites - I Heart Heels

How did you start I Heart Heels?

It started as a hobby way back in the spring of 2008. I was working in telecom and needed something more creative. Before I knew it, I was hooked. I just couldn’t stop sharing all of my new favorite shoes. And I’m sure you don’t mind?

What was your major?

I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a print journalism major and marketing minor. I love to write!

Is this your full-time job?

No, I’m a full-time working mom, and spend my “third” job raising two sweet little kids, who I blog about on Wednesdays on IHH Mini. You can call them C. (13) and L. (9)

What’s your shoe size?

Surprisingly, I wear a 6. That means I can literally try on every shoe on display in the store.

How do you maintain your hair?

I use Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment every wash (even though I prob shouldn’t, but want it SO blonde!) and rely on Batiste dry shampoo on off days (hey, I’m a mom!). I also literally get a blowout every month. I need a new photo on here desperately (sorry!). But…my easy-to-manage hair is one of God’s great blessings.

Where do you like to visit?

Three places. New York City. Seaside, Florida. Dallas, Texas. Can’t help it, y’all.

Most memorable fashion week moment?

Eating mini cupcakes with the Kardashians.

Favorite celebrity interview?

Paris Hilton. She called me sweetheart. Who can hate that?

Favorite magazine?

It will always be Seventeen. I interned there for the summer and it will forever be in my heart. Most exciting three months of my life.

How do you balance life working with kids?

I don’t! It’s a constant struggle, but I do my very best. The only three things I really require are God, a positive attitude and my mama. 

Who takes your photos?

It’s all me. Gotta love a good camera remote!